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National Electricity Plan

In pursuance with Section 3(4) of the Electricity Act 2003, the CEA came out with a National Electricity Plan after consulting various stakeholders, which was notified on 3rd August 2007. The plan covers 10th, 11th and 12th Plan periods. The plan is based on demand forecasts of the 17th Electric Power Survey and the economy's GDP growth rates projected in the Integrated Energy Policy and the objectives laid out in the National Electricity Policy. In volume I covering generation and related aspects, the plan envisages feasibility of capacity addition requirement of 78530 MW during 11th plan (16553 hydro, 58597 thermal and 3380 nuclear). For the 12th plan, it projects requirement of capacity addition of 82000 MW (30000 hydro, 40000 thermal and 11-13000 nuclear). Therein it also covers the requirement of likely inputs and other measures such as rural electrification, environment, DSM and energy conservation. In volume II of the plan on development of transmission system in the country, it is envisaged that inter-regional grid has to expand from capacity of 14100 MW at the end of 10th Plan to 37700 MW at the end of 11th Plan. It also covers the likely transmission capacity addition during early 12th Plan period and issues related to transmission system for merchant power plants, evacuation of power from North-eastern region, and synchronization of all five regional grids.

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